Boat Stabilizer


Model: 1000, 1100, 1200

Effortlessly reach planing speed using less RPM and fuel.


To be mounted under anti-cavitation plate of outboard motors and inboard/outboard drives.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Absolute minimum drag!
  • Eliminates visibility hazards during acceleration.
  • Eliminates porpoising.
  • Saves you money (use up to 20% less fuel).
  • “Thin” anti-drag stabilizer improves performance and eliminates cavitation.
  • Once cruising speed is reached, reduce RPM and still maintain same speed.
  • Save fuel and wear and tear.
  • Stabilizer extends aft of motor and reduces wake for water skiers.
  • More solid water around propeller improves perfor-mance and top speed.
  • Extends your motors life span (less wear & tear).
  • Easy installation.


  • Made of marine grade aluminum (6061-T6).
  • All stainless mounting hard-ware supplied.
  • Electrostically powder coated in black.
  • The rear 1” has 8o trim-tab bend down.


Motor specific model (depending on HP of motor).

3 models depending on your motor:

  1. 4-12 HP. (1/8″ thin by 12″ wide)
  2. 15-130 HP. (3/16″ thin by 20″ wide)
  3. 150-200 HP. (1/4″ thin by 20″ wide)

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Engine Size

For 4-12 HP, For 15-130 HP, For 150-200 HP


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