A Dinghy Swivel Bracket 16 Years Strong and Still Going!


Every company wants to be the best at what they do and so do we! Adventure Marine has a long and proven history of quality craftsmanship. For 43 years and counting now, we have been building and selling durable marine products.

We recently had one of our model 3000 dinghy swivel brackets returned to us.  Not because it needed repair, but because our part outlived our customer’s life at sea!  Jerry Hartman is like many boaters who don’t want to lift their outboard motors on and off a dinghy anymore. Time-consuming, hard to lift, and what if you drop that motor in the water by accident? Jerry purchased a model 3000 from us 16 years ago. In fact, that’s 5,840 days of being in the elements. At today’s prices, he paid 5 cents a day to never lift a motor off a dinghy again.


So why did he return the Dinghy Swivel Bracket?  

Jerry returned the bracket with this wonderful story and his statement “money well spent.” He wanted us to have it after so many years of good service and to show us what a great condition the bracket was still in. Mr. Hartman has retired from boating but his story lives on at Adventure Marine.

We recently started telling customers about Jerry and his model 3000.  The joke goes that we could clean it up, repackage it and ship it out again, but then people started asking for it!  We started having to convince our customers that they can’t have our 16-year-old swivel bracket.  Luckily for us, our new 3000’s are a top seller and we don’t need to reuse our older ones.  As for Jerry’s bracket, it’s still sitting retired in the company display case.


Dinghy Swivel Bracket Information

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