The Best Choice in Davit System: C Ring Davit

C Ring Davit in Use on Dinghy | Adventure MarineSandy Mason had a problem. She had a boat, she had a dinghy, but she didn’t have a way of getting her dinghy onto the swim step. Sandy tried lifting it on but realized a loaded dinghy with motor isn’t easily tossed onto a boat. Not in calm water, let alone in an approaching storm. Her solution was going to be Adventure Marine’s C Ring davit system.


The Difference with the C Ring Davit System


Davits are nothing new to the boating world, there are many manufacturers and styles out there. The styles vary in price, style, and application. What Sandy needed was a simple system that she could bolt to her swim step with basic tools.


Ruling out the more complicated and expensive systems, Mrs. Mason narrowed her search down to two styles. Both styles mounted to the swim step, but one left clunky parts on the step and required gluing attachments to her dinghy. Sandy had a sailing background and considered herself smart and capable. Yet the thought of using a chemical based glue on her boat seemed a little worrisome. What if she glued herself to the boat? She might have had an unrealistic fear but sticky glue and chemicals, but the process didn’t sound fun. 


C Ring Davits are Easy to Install, Easy to Use, and Inexpensive


She found Adventure Marine as the solution. We had an inexpensive and simple to install option, the C ring davits system. Sandy found it on the internet simply by searching for ‘C ring davits’. The advantage of the Adventure Marine system is that there are no parts to attach to the dinghy. No gluing, no drilling, and she didn’t have to permanently attach anything.
Best of all, there were no worries about gluing yourself to the boat!


The model 6100 uses quick release C rings. This means when the tender is in the water you can remove the C rings and have the swim step back. Two small parts are attached to the step, but nothing large and bulky like with other systems (see picture above). 
Adventure Marine has been building davits and boating dinghy accessories for 43 years. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, head to our online store here or contact our sales department.
Thanks Sandy for the amazing feedback and story!
From everyone here at Adventure Marine, happy boating!