Adventure Marine Products 101: Adding Value to your Boat

Adventure Marine prides itself on making high quality, reliable products specifically designed to keep you and your rig safe and fun. You’ve been out boating this summer had time to figure out what can be improved upon, so now is the right time to prepare for the next season. We recognize that outfitting your boat can be overwhelming and full of jargon, especially for a first time boater! Therefore in this blog post, we are going to briefly run through the function and benefits of some of our most popular products. Which ones are right for you?



Davit Systems

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Simply put, a davit system refers to the system in place to raise and lower your dinghy into the water. They are designed to make it easier, faster, and safer to control your dinghy.  There are lots of options for davit systems to choose from depending on your needs and the specifications of your tender.

Adventure Marine manufactures two davit systems, specifically designed for inflatable dinghies; fixed position and quick release. The quick release has some advantages such as ease of use and experience in emergencies. We also make a number of add-on products designed to increase the function of these systems including adjustable standoff bars that take the guesswork out of measuring before purchase and reinforcement plates to make sure your dinghy doesn’t go anywhere!








Motor Brackets

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A motor bracket is what keeps your outboard motor in place. Purchasing a solid motor bracket could end up saving you a lot of money. Imagine you have to leave your boat in an emergency without time to store your outboard. Will it be there when you get back?

Again, there are lots of options for motor brackets. Adventure Marine’s motor brackets are made from high-quality aluminum that will never rust, saving you the cost of replacing it in time. The swim step motor bracket mounts to your swim step, rather than directly to your boat. This can free up space on deck for you to enjoy, reduce drag, and when installed correctly, can reduce stress on your transom. We also stock motor brackets designed for high thrust outboards as well as auxiliary motors (for a limited time ON SALE). Running a smaller motor, rather than the main drive, while trolling is more efficient as well.

And what about your dinghy motor? We have brackets for those too! Check out our dinghy swivel outboard bracket (pictured below) which is designed to work alongside a davit system. As you raise your dinghy to the vertical position, the motor back swivels, allowing the motor to stay upright while raising it out of the water.







Propellor Guards

Protect yourself from boating accidents with a Propeller Safety Guard by Adventure Marine.

It is no secret that boating can be dangerous if you are not careful, alert, and prepared. A quality propellor guard will ensure that your propeller is protected, and you are protected from your propeller. Adventure Marine makes two propellor guards with different primary functions.

The propeller line guard is primarily designed to ensure your propellor stays safe from underwater and hidden obstacles. This relatively small investment can save you lots in the future should a low tide sneak up on you, or a natural disaster such as storms and flooding make navigation challenging.

The propeller safety guard covers your propeller in a stainless steel cage. You will see these often on emergency response boats as well as scuba diving and sailing club boats. Increasingly, we are seeing orders from companies committed to ensuring water safety on their outings. Ask your insurance company about potential premium reductions when installing this product! 






Not sure what models or sizes will work for you? Call or email us and we will help you figure it out!

Already tried some of these products? Let us know how you use them and help out your fellow new boaters as they figure out how to make the most of their boats!

From the Adventure Marine family,

Happy Boating!