Propeller Safety and Line Guards: Why They Matter


Propeller safety - Adventure MarineReported boating incidents skyrocket in the summer months. While preparing for your outings, it is important to consider ways to minimize risk of injury. Boating can be dangerous if you are not careful, alert, and prepared. You may want to consider installing a propeller guard, for example. A quality propeller guard will ensure that you, and your propeller, are protected in case of an accident. This is a product common on rescue boats, lifeboats, and emergency response vessels. Let’s discuss.

In 2017, United States Coast Guard reported that at least 30 people experienced a boating injury, including 4 deaths, as a result of contact with a propeller. The majority of these injuries resulted from the operator falling overboard, leaving the boat unattended. An unattended outboard motor can angle in such a way that it will spin in rapid circles. For an idea of how scary this can be, take a look at this intense video of police attempting to subdue a runaway boat. Consider that a 3-bladed propeller spinning at 3600 RPM can strike an object 180 times per second. A propeller does not have to be in motion to pose a threat. Stainless steel, high performance, and racing propellers, in particular, can be extremely hazardous even when in standby.

New Propellor Guard in use on outboard motor dinghyBeing prepared and staying alert are the best ways to reduce the risk of injury if an incident like this was to happen. Along with the equipment mentioned by Transport Canada, a propeller safety guard can add peace of mind and an added element of safety to your boat. Adventure Marine makes two guards with different primary functions, the Propeller Safety Guard and a Propeller Line Guard. They are both made of high-quality stainless steel, such as the one pictured here. They are also easy to install and customizable to fit the specifications of your propeller. Call or email Adventure Marine for help with measurements and ordering. We also suggest asking your insurance company about the potential in premium reductions for installing this product. You can have peace of mind, and a potential rebate on your insurance.

For general information on propeller safety, is a good resource. Contact your local or regional boating authorities for more information on staying safe this summer.


From the Adventure Marine family,
Happy (and safe) boating!