Propellor Guards Save the Day


He had called Adventure Marine asking for a 17” line guard and we got talking about his 1966 Sunrunner boat and the propeller line guard that he bought from us years ago“I used to damage a lot of props, I run my boat in the river quite a bit and the motor only has an up and down position. It gets a little sketchy close to shore if you know what I mean,” said Ray in his deep south accent

“It’s been on my boat for 15 years, I can’t even tell you how many props it’s saved me!” exclaimed Ray.
 Fishing boat moving fast at sea, Adventure Marine
The river he runs in the old girl is often murky and filled with silt. Deadheads and other objects cause quite the obstacle course for the Sunrunner. “Over the years I have gotten pretty good at maneuvering that old girl but it’s reassuring to know that Adventure Marine has my back if I push it a little too far,” Ray said as we talked.



Propeller Guards Come in All Sizes


After many years of faithful service, Ray was in the market for a newer boat and didn’t waste any time putting a new 17” line Guard. Damaging a propeller or cutting fishing lines can be an expensive day out. Adventure Marine line guards are made from 3/16 Stainless steel. Adventure Marine carries everything from a 9” guard all the way up to a 17” guard like Rays. They are designed to provide maximum protection without decreasing performance. Pressure relief venting was added on the sides to eliminate cavitation. The guards also help maneuverability by directing the prop wash like a runner.


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