When Disaster Strikes.  Will You Need Rescue or be the Rescuer?

We all saw the devastation in Houston and now there is another massive hurricane bearing down on the United States. Hurricane Irma has been ranked as one of the most powerful weather events ever recorded. Irma sustained winds reaching speeds over 185Mph (300Kph). For those that live in the affected parts of the world, it is a scary and devastating reality.

In the wake of these disasters is the human story. Houston Texas received 4 feet of rain in 24 hrs. The flooding was devastating and people were in desperate need of help. The call went out and 1000’s of people from the US loaded up their boats and made for ground zero.  

Make a Difference

What would you do if it was your turn to make a difference? Would you load up your boat and answer the call? How would you ensure that you don’t go from rescuer to someone in need of rescue? Boating in flooded areas is extremely dangerous and we don’t recommend you attempt putting your own life in danger. However, we have provided some things to consider if you find yourself in such a situation.

Is your Boat Ready?

  • Safety guard for boats, Propeller GuardFuel: Is there sufficient fuel for your journey? Fuel will be impossible to find in a disaster zone.
  • Life Jackets & Clothing: Do you have life jackets and the right clothing for everyone on board? Extra clothing in a dry bag, rain gear, hip waders, and of course life jackets for all, including victims.
  • Food and provisions:  You will be headed into a disaster zone, will you have enough food and water to sustain everyone for the duration of the rescue?
  • Propeller guards:  We recommend the Adventure Marine safety guard or line guard. Protecting your propeller and people you are rescuing is important. Your propeller may get underwater strikes as you may be boating in an urban area. Strong currents and underwater hazards also could spell disaster for any rescue mission.  

These are just a few of the items that one must consider should they decide to help those in need. In addition, purchasing both Safety and Line guards will offer protection from striking objects, but only the safety will protect life and limb from propeller entanglement. 

If you live in an area that is subject to flooding from natural disasters, your boat might be your only lifeline. It’s important the boat is safe and ready to go on short notice.  

For more info on equipping your boat for disasters click here.