The Overachiever: Our Model 10,000 Swim Step Motor Bracket

For over 43 years, Adventure Marine has been building high-quality boating parts. For many of those years, one of our long-standing best sellers has been the Model 10,000 Swim Step Motor Bracket. Let’s talk about what makes this product so special.
Built from ¼” thick marine grade aluminum, the Model 10,000 withstands every challenge the marine environment presents. We designed our product to work with most boats, providing a cost-effective, high-quality option for kicker motor installation. Furthermore, the extra reinforcement plate allows it to handle even larger kicker motors, making it as versatile as it is durable.
If you’ve been following our blog series on Kaizen, you’ll recognize the Model 10,000. Its an example of a product that has benefited from our commitment to lean manufacturing. We recognize that the strength of our products lies in the care taken in every step of the process, not only in ordering and storing. The welding department, for example, ensures every seam is the maximum strength before the bracket passes on. The bracket is then powder coated with a high-quality marine grade coating designed to add style and durability. Finally, we add two mounting plates made from CNC-machined polyurethane that is UV-light resistant and will not degrade over time. These are the
n attached with stainless steel fasteners. Every part of the process ensures that our customers can expect a long-lasting, reliable product.

Swim Step Motor Bracket | Adventure Marine

Most swim steps make an ideal platform for mounting kicker motors, but we recommend always consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if extra reinforcement is required. If our Model 10,000 doesn’t work for your boat, we are a custom parts builder and can work with you to design and create a better fitting part. To get the perfect product to match your needs, you will benefit from the expertise and support that Adventure Marine provides. Our focus is on ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to make the most of your time on the water.
Speaking of making to most of our time on the water. The swim step motor bracket has many benefits for your vessel, improving the functionality and operation of your boat. For example, by mounting the motor on a bracket outside of the boat, you free up that space for other uses. The Model 10,000 improves the boat’s efficiency and performance by reducing drag as the anti-cavitation plate now sits above the bottom of the boat. If the motor bracket is correctly fitted, it can actually help disperse the force and leverage exerted on the transom.
Here at Adventure Marine, we’re thrilled with the popularity of the Model 10,000 swim step motor bracket. But don’t forget about our other great options too! For example, what if you don’t have a swim step? Please check out our high thrust outboard motor brackets which mounts to the transom (see the Model 4100).
As always, we are available to help you navigate part options and set you up for only the best boating experiences!
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